Advice and support is carefully tailored to our clients’ requirement.  We can start with a blank canvas or provide appropriate interventions to review and leverage an existing wellbeing strategy and program.

Establishing a strategic context

Our suggested aiming points for every client are:

  • Instilling an integrated and proactive wellbeing culture
  • Treating wellbeing as a business imperative
  • Creating more value from your wellbeing investment in people

Putting it into practice

What that looks like in practice is illustrated below:

Delivering a holistic and integrated approach

We take a holistic and integrated approach focusing on the following aspects:


Applying a well-tried and tested review

We apply a systematic review, comprising four main steps:

What do you get in return for your investment?

You get a lot of value for your investment in terms of:

  • Independent expertise – able to evaluate the current level of capability to manage wellbeing , including the effectiveness, gaps, risks and issues with existing wellbeing practices / policies;
  • Assessment – a step-by-step evaluation of what changes need to be made in the light of the assessment;
  • Design Options – a breakdown of available options to design and develop an integrated wellbeing strategy;
  • Advocacy – a report which will articulate to appropriate audiences the step changes required to organisational wellbeing in order to make your organisation a great place to work where healthy and contented employees can flourish, achieve growth and be fully productive.

What else is offered by The Wellbeing Leader to achieve your wellbeing goals?

We are more than your typical adviser who undertakes a review, produces a report and recommendations and walks away.  With our unrivalled in-house practitioner experience, we can offer a lot more in terms of:

  • Implementing a new wellbeing strategy
    • Deliver an integrated wellbeing strategy and action programme using a tried and tested template
    • Act as a critical friend in terms of the overall shape, delivery and governance of wellbeing
  • Developing the communication and training plans
    • Develop an integrated communication plan with your Internal Comms team
    • Produce a wellbeing pledge – mutual commitment by your organisation / employees
    • Produce a managers’ wellbeing training guide and optional training services through partners, e.g. managing resilience
    • Enable the communication plan to be delivered to key stakeholders, e.g. roadshow, webinars, seminars etc
  • Measuring your wellbeing programme
    • Introduce a wellbeing measurement dashboard – critical success measures
  • Aligning wellbeing with your total reward proposition
    • Independent strategic reward and benefits review incorporating wellbeing as an integral part of a global proposition
    • Provide input on Statement of Requirement for broking / re-broking of wellbeing group benefits to re-align with your new strategy and to deliver better value