Workplace Wellbeing Practitioners’ Forum – LinkedIn

I am pleased to announce the first dedicated Workplace Wellbeing Practitioners’ Forum on LinkedIn.

The Forum is focused on sharing ideas and knowledge on workplace wellbeing practice within strategic, tactical and operational contexts. It is a sounding board for Workplace Wellbeing Practitioners, whatever their primary discipline, to keep abreast of professional training needs and resourcing, as well as to network.

Many practitioners are given responsibility for wellbeing but lack the skills and knowledge to develop a sustainable strategy. Whilst training mitigates this risk to a certain extent, there are limited opportunities, so networking with fellow practitioners is very important.

The Forum will be kept relevant and active with white-papers, articles, webinars, webcasts etc. Practitioners who have attended the Workplace Wellbeing Practitioners’ Course are particularly welcome to join.

Joining the Forum is simple.  Go to the LinkedIn Group page for further information.